Earlier this month our objective was to investigate the rumors about the “half million coffin liners being stored in
Covington and Madison, Georgia for use by FEMA” for some mysterious purpose.  Some of the speculation involved
related to the quick response by FEMA and other government agencies after 9/11. There are those who say “FEMA
and the government knew it was going to happen and were just standing by and waiting for the massive deaths.
Some go so far as to say that an incident this horrible was what our government need to go forward with the Patriot
Act and other choke-hold Presidential Edicts allowing FEMA to run this nation in time of emergency.  

Here is what we found out: Upon arrival we were met with a completely open area; a sign beside the road clearly
identifying the property; no fences at all; no “keep out” signs and no security personnel. Immediately beside the
roadway (Almon Rd.) and partially visible from Interstate 20 were stacks of odd looking black devices that turned out
to be 100,000 casket liners. I took these photos today:

Next I met with Mr. Mike Lacy, Vice President of Operations. Mike Showed me display samples of the liner products:

These casket liners are sold through funeral homes, morticians and their suppliers. Vantage does not sell directly to
the public. While production cost of this item, delivery and in-ground installation is considerably less than that of a
concrete liner, the end cost to the public is about the same.

The principle of this unit is somewhat like the “bell-Jar” principle. The flat panel goes on the bottom and the unit goes
on top of the casket and continues to contain air, keeping the water out.  Like the lid on the concrete liner, this is not
completely sealed. However, the bell-jar this polypropylene will, in most cases, last longer than concrete.

Due to the size, function and nature of this device it would probably not serve nearly as well as the traditional “body
bag” and would be more difficult to handle and transport.  The design of these coffin liners is not suitable for storing
bodies temporarily.

Mike took me on a complete tour of his facility. I counted 6 people in the break room having lunch and four more
working in the area of the molding equipment. The shop area and all other facilities were very clean and open. No
ominous locks between areas, no hidden cameras, no “keep out” or “do not enter” signs.

In addition to the liners Vantage makes Air Conditioner Pads, Pool Panels for assembling in-ground pools and other
polypropylene products.

Vantage has no contract or agreement with FEMA or any other government agency. They once bid on a contract with
the state of Virginia but lost the contract. Mike did get a call from the Department of Homeland Security asking what
the rumors were about and he told them the same things he told me. You can also go to their web page, www.
vantageproducts.com, and get some more company info.

Mike shared some information with me in order to satisfy these questions; questions about marketing, employees,
clients, invoices etc. These items and answers completely convinced me that there are no sinister implications at
Vantage Products. Mr. Lacy was completely at ease during my interview and did not hesitate to answer any question
directly and fully. These are not traits of a man concealing something.

In summary, and after a rather complete investigation, I am convinced that there is no sinister side to Vantage
Products. It is completely evident that this is a company  making polypropylene products for the public that include
coffin liners.

We (you and I) can stop worrying about this one element and follow the real trail more effectively now.

Contact me if you have questions or comments.

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